Distance Support Project

“Every child is a gift of God”

Distance support means to bear the cost of allowing a child to continue living with his family, if he still has one, and offering him the opportunity to grow, study, learn a trade without a tear from his homeland and his culture. Distance support does not give any rights on the children, but will give the child the right to live. Just a small contribution on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis to ensure that life continues.

The value of this contribution is not linked to the cost of living in each country, thus allowing flexibility in offering support to the single child.

Children living in a state of unease: exploited, abandoned without food, shelter, education, and without opportunity to receive medical treatments.

Food, medicines, clothing, educational and entertainment material to promote a harmonious and quiet growth along with education and training.

Amazon, Argentina, Bolivia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Georgia, India, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Thailand.

Annual contribution of Euro 270.00 The contribution can also be on monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis. The amount will be decreased by the bank transfer expenses.

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