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Since the Confederation has its registered office in Rome, the ONLUS was founded to manage the solidarity in line with current regulations in Italy.

In this context we remind that the sums allocated to solidarity through an ONLUS can be deducted against income tax.

For all projects on the five continents, it will be possible to address payments to postal accounts and bank transfer numbers mentioned in the single projects page.

On 12th November, at the “Immacolata Concezione” House in Via Timavo, Milan, the non-profit Association “Non uno di meno” was founded, a project of the ex-students of the “Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice” Institut.

Goals of the Association are non-profit activities of social solidarity addressed to children, youth, women, families, indigent people in every part of the world through the promotion, organization, management and coordination of distance support and projects designed to meet the basic needs of health, education, training and other related activities.

Among those present: Carolina Fiorica, the Confederation President, Mariella La Mura and Paola Mancini, Confederation’s Board members, Fiorella Regis, President of the “Federazione Romana Santa Agnese”, Marta Bovese, President of the “Federazione Sacra Famiglia” of Milan, Daniela Mattia, President of the “Federazione Piemontese Sacro Cuore”, Laura Brunetti, President of the “Federazione Lombarda Maria Immacolata”, sr. Maria Ausilia Avataneo, delegate of the “Federazione Sacra Famiglia” of Milan and sr. Teresa Tenni, delegate of the “Federazione Lombarda Maria Immacolata”.

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Distance Support Project

Distance support means to bear the cost of allowing a child to continue living
with his family, if he still has one, and offering him the opportunity to grow, study, learn a trade..

Adopt a Project

A recurrence, a thought,
in memory of a person o
of an important occasion ...

... you can choose to adopt
an entire project, a small one
great gesture of true value.

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